Ready to roll…

I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll have to sleep less in order to make things happen. This week is going to be crazy with work-related things, but my plans, by Friday, are as follows:
1. Submit Hit and Run to a few agencies
2. Finish the episode I’m working on for the spec series
3. Find a USB wireless G adapter for our TiVo system.

The Bengals won again and are firmly on top of their division… We’ll see what happens when Pittsburgh comes to town – I think it will be a clear indication of the Cats’ playoff chances.
Chicago is in the World Series (Granted, it’s the wrong team from Chicago, but somehow, Cubbies fans can get some reflected glory off this thing), I predict a stunning defeat for either Houston or St. Louis.

The desk is back up on Craig’s list. I’m going to try to make an odyssey of the desk on the blog (hope it’s short and the thing sells quick). I’ll do a write up and perhaps a sneaky picture of everyone that comes to look at it. Yeah, that’s the ticket….

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