From the “Yes this is late, but she’s still wrong (so very, very wrong)” Department:

I know this isn’t related to the many lies and deceptions in her new “book”, but Ann Coulter is pathological. Ann is to the truth as Uday and Qusay were to Iraqi defectors. The worst part is, 90% of her hot air can be deflated by performing a single google search for facts refuting her stance. And I’m not talking about internet blogosphere, I’m talking about that tricky notion known as “THE TRUTH”. Which isn’t a tricky notion at all. It’s only tricky when you try to bend it to fit your facts. Ask Ann Coulter. Or, to lesser degrees, Bill O’Reilly or Michael Moore.

In her Oscar It’s hard out here for a Wimp”, Ann Coulter (in between homophobic “jokes” and conservative “humor”) states:

Contrary to Clooney’s impassioned speech, no theaters ever forced black people to sit in the back. If you were trying to oppress people, you would make them sit in the front, which are the worst seats in the house. Or you’d just make them watch a George Clooney movie.

I seem to remember comedian Dick Gregory (an alum from my Alma Mater, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale) telling a story of the issues he faced…

H.B. Koplowitz credits Dick Gregory with “perhaps the first documented instance of civil protest in Carbondale“– in the early ‘50s, the young SIU student successfully ended the Varsity Theater’s segregation policy when he refused to sit in the balcony.

Coulter misses a few things here… The most obvious being that balconies are indeed located in the back of the theater. The point of segregation wasn’t to give black people neck strain at the movies, it was to marginalize them and minimize any reminder to white society that they existed. They were not to be seen. Period. Before the civil rights era, nobody would have tolerated black people walking down the aisles in front of everyone! Heaven forbid! (This of course, is in theaters that didn’t have “colored-only” screenings).

She also gives us a bit of tacit racism in her description of Three 6 Mafia’s acceptance speech:
I believe this marks the first time in Oscars history that an award recipient shouted, “Thank you, Jesus!” upon receiving his award. Admittedly, this was the only part of the speech that didn’t have to be bleeped and it was for a song titled, “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp,” but it’s still a step forward.

Yes, the speech was… exuberant… to say the least. But Coulter doesn’t hesitate to remind us that black people are loud, obnoxious, womanizing, etc.

Rapper Juicy J from Thee 6 had the following to say regarding his speech:
It was so real and we didn’t write down an acceptance speech. It was nothing written down. When they said, “Three 6 Mafia,” we went crazy. My mama said, “Boy, I ain’t never seen you jump that high.” I dedicated it to her and to my Dad. My Dad had had surgery the day I found out we got nominated. I’m like, “Dad this is for you. I’m out here hustlin’ and grindin’, but I won this Oscar for you. I love you.” He said, “I’m proud of you. I didn’t know the music was going to take you this far but you done did it.” My Dad has always been there by my side, watching me growing up.

Coulter spends the majority of the article trying to prove that it’s Hollywood that’s late in catching social injustices:

This is why, for example, in the middle of an epic war with Islamic fascists, Hollywood is still making movies about the Nazis. Now and then, just for variety, they tackle a more current topic, like the Jim Crow era.

Now, I don’t know if she would prefer that every movie deal with war in the sensitive way that Rambo III did (you know, the one where Rambo helps the Taliban defeat the Soviets in an epic game of Tank vs. Helicopter chicken). Maybe she doesn’t realize that it takes time to make movies, and that years pass between acceptance of a script and the final day of production. Maybe she’s missed movies like The Manchurian Candidate, Flight 93, and Jarhead, or shows like Baghdad ER.

Maybe she’s just not that bright.

And of course…

Maybe she’s not a she at all!

This joke never gets old. So many ways to prove she’s a hypocrite, so little time…

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