Fair and Balanced

You know, I’m a huge critic of the Bush administration. But this whole thing about branding our troops as war criminals before they have a fair trial is killing me. I will always always always support our troops. My Dad gave 20 years to the Air Force, and to think that this is the kind of situation he may have had to put himself in, and to do it anyway for his country and his family… phew. Amazing. And to think that there are people here who would prefer to label our soldiers in Haditha incident as criminals without thinking of what they’re living through…
(If they’re guilty, let them stand trial and be found as such. Same thing for all of those “enemy combatants” at Git’Mo.)

I saw this video on crooksandliars.com and got angry, thinking… “Look at these contractors. They’re just committing wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians…”

But one of the comments made a few great points, chiefly (and obviously) that the music is dubbed in for effect, and secondly, that the convoy may have been dealing with situations like these:



Some of the bloggers were angry that the contractors were found not guilty. Me? I understand.

I still don’t like Bush. Or Cheney. Not to mention how I wish it was Ann Coulter approaching that car in the last video… (Boy, I feel sleazy for employing Coulter style “humor” there.)
But give the troops a break. They’re doing a job. Something I, nor a vast majority of our population will never have to experience or understand, and the reason we won’t have to is because our troops are fighting for us. And they always will.

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