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Contests, Websites, and more!

So I’ve just sent a short story in to the contest over at Machine of Death. (EDIT: They notify in late MAY), so keep your fingers crossed. Also have a one act play competition (I’m submitting Muriel’s Fourth Suicide) and a few other things coming up.

On the web design front, I’ve got a couple more sites coming for actors, a new site for a Hollywood animal talent agency, and a HUGE database (something like Google for …. well, you’ll see when it launches). So needless to say, I’ve been ludicrously busy.

I’m also currently “it” in a send-the-camera-around-the-country game on The Cult. With the blessing of the animals coming up this weekend, it shouldn’t be hard for me to get my three shots in…

Netflix, what are you thinking?

So I’m browsing MSN the other day and I notice this annoying inline ad they have running. At a glance, I see it’s for Netflix. Like I said, I glanced at it, thinking, oh… they’re using grandparents to advertise for–WTF?! Grandma’s got leprosy, and Grandpa’s trying to tongue her ear… this is not going to entice me to rent movies…

Yeah, Netflix has this ad campaign where movie characters come to your house. I’m assuming these two represent the zombie movie. But Netflix needs to do some Zombie research. Zombies aren’t happy to see you. Ever. And if an old person becomes a zombie, they have to be missing a significant amount of flesh, hair, or at least have a disgusting pus-dripping wound. They shouldn’t look like you just caught them making out at the door. You be the judge…

Daily Magic…

Here’s why I love the arts. They can happen anywhere, anytime, and they can make a Phil Collins song sound good. Naturally 7 goes a capella on a Paris metro for your enjoyment. Also, check out the archetypal Frenchman in the black coat throughout the video. You can almost read his thoughts: “Who eez zees bleck man? Whah must he seeng so loudly? Americans…”

Inspiration for those who need it…

All right. I’m a pretty big fan of boxing, MMA, etc. I know a lot of people are turned off by the brutality. BUT…

I have a few friends going through some rough issues healthwise, and I post this here for inspiration. Sakuraba goes through absolute Hell in the first half of this fight. He’s almost lifeless. He’s getting his ass handed to him, taking punch after punch. Midway through, something happens. He makes it through. Then he fights back. Then he gets the other guy to give up. Awesome. Dad, John, Steve, and everyone else fighting the good fight: Never stop fighting.

It’s a good thing

Yep. Swamped over here, and that’s a good thing. Lotsa web stuff to do for clients, and a couple of deadlines coming up on really important book contests. I’ll give you more details when it’s up and away, but it’s been a fun experiment. I know I’ve neglected ChimPod lately. New songs coming soon, and maybe some Oscar discussion? Readers, send kind thoughts to my Dad (my most loyal reader!). He’s going in to surgery tomorrow. It’ll all be fine, but kind thoughts never hurt! Love you Dad!

Showing you my "wow".

No, it’s nothing dirty. I just made the switch to Windows Vista Ultimate, and I’m loving it so far. Very pretty to look at, low learning curve, and unlike previous Windows OS, seems pretty intuitive and user friendly. Here’s hoping the hardware manufacturers get their butts in gear (I’m looking at YOU Creative Labs) and send out some proper Vista drivers.

Also figured out a neat hack to do a clean install, so I didn’t have to force Vista over XP. It’s like I paid for the upgrade but got the full disc! I wish Windows would follow Mac’s lead and just drop the prices on their OS to a reasonable level.

I’m goign to expand my fun page on the site soon to include monkey games and some other cool things I have going. You’ll see!

Lite Brite as it’s meant to be seen…

It’s astounding. Amazing. Those advertising hacks from my childhood always had me believing that LiteBrite was capable of creating astounding glowing masterpieces. I owned two in my childhood and never really made anything to be proud of. But look at this video! Maldroid brings us astounding LiteBrite stop motion animation while simultaneously maligning techno music! Home run!

Super Blah

How awful was that game tonight? Just mistake after mistake. The two conference championship games were marvels to behold. Stunning contests of will, tenacity, who would score last, or in the case of the Bears/Saints game, could Grossman pull his head out long enough to get the win the D was working so hard to achieve?
The SuperBowl, in contrast, was a game ruled by miscues, soft D from the Bears, and a single player destroying his team’s chances. I’m a Bengals fan first and foremost, but in the NFC, I likes me some Bears. Grossman’s gotta go. Now. Don’t even wait until after the ProBowl. Make a move, bench him and bring in a journeyman with some skills (Jeff Garcia, anyone?). The Bears deserved better that waht they showed tonight. They were almost as bad as the shameless self-promoting Timberlake ripoff that Rex Grossman features on his website.
RexyBack – try not to puke while listening…
Bad, bad, bad.

And what was up with the commercials? Awful, unfunny, and pretty morbid. An old man in a heart costume gets his ass kicked by a bunch of leather-wearing thugs? Office people survive in the jungle and get humiliated? A poor car-making robot is driven to suicide after dropping a screw on the assembly line?

My favorite part of the evening was Prince’s “Austin Powers” innspired Penis puppet shadow show! Enjoy – who knows how long until YouTube blocks it?

I’m unimpressed. I’m unhappy.
But I DID discover that God favors the Colts. He hates the Bears, man. I guess he’s making them repent for the sin of pride (from 1986) by foisting Grossman upon them. Dungy, Manning, the owner of the Colts, everyone made it clear. The only thing God had on his mind tonight was a ring for the Colts. Hey, you know when God gets involved in the game? When Ditka calls his number, that’s when! Otherwise, he’s got other things to do.