Further musings…

Well. I have run out of excuses. I am just slacking off when it comes to updating the website. But the good news is, it’s because I’m busy rewriting some things to get ready for publication, as well as setting up an online writer’s group. One that I will offer to many many people, as a way of keeping thoughts moving from brain to page. I figure it might also prompt me to keep up with the journaling. I need to get some cheap website software too. It would be great if I knew HTML. It would also be great if I had a million dollars. How about it? If you have a million dollars, please conatct me via this website and I will give you details on where to transfer the money. You’d be helping a starving artist, you’d give me more time to write, and you’d make the world a safer place. Think about it. You would have 1 million fewer dollars, so maybe the millionaire next door will get robbed instead of you. I’m just thinking of you here, really. I am going to dedicate Monday nights to journaling on here Keep it fresh. Keep it real.

Bargain Clown Mart, the subject of some past musings, may well be a bar.

There is also a marvelous place called Soap Plant Wacko Jesus.

This is what makes LA grow on you after a while.

That and the weather.

And the fungus. The fungus grows on you too. But only if you sit still for too long.

I don’t have the fungus.

I think I should implement a daily haiku feature here. Or maybe a message board where people can stick their haikus.

That would be tremendous fun.

Ta for now. Must go rewrite.

Blogs are fun because they can be the equivalent of mental purging to break writer’s block.



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