Things are rolling merrily along here. I have almost finished another rewrite of the book, which got some interest in the first round of query letters to agents but no bites. Self-publishing is always an option. So I’m almost finished giving it a rewrite and have cut over 40 pages and thousands of words. Which can only serve to better the story. Those of you who are in the know, you know now… the writer’s group launched today, along with the most exciting monkeywright feature ever… MONKU! That’s the freestylin’ haiku page open to all. These are the rules: Rhyming is allowed and neither encouraged nor discouraged. Classic form (5-7-5) or simple form (3-5-3) are the ONLY kinds of acceptable haiku. Anything else will be removed. So there. Because I said so. If you’re all interested in any other kind of poetry page, write me and perhaps I’ll implement it. Hollywood is fun and the weather is fabulous and what else can I say?

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