You know what’s fun?

War. Isn’t this whole war thing great? I mean, really. I oppose this approach to foreign policy. But I don’t oppose the war. I just think it would be better if Bush would get on TV and say “Look people, this guy pissed my Dad off, and I want revenge. And oil. And some other things, like a foothold in the Middle East that will allow us to invade other countries”. Honesty is the best policy. So, since we’re on the eve of what will probably be the re-invasion of Iraq, and since we’ll be involved in a fight where many troops will suffer from Gulf War syndrome and worse, let’s all just think about what’s going on. Can we do something better than get on the streets and light candles? War has actually solved many problems. There has been no great movement for change in the world that did not come through violence. You can’t name one successful peace movement that changed the world. Violence, in the end, is always the thing that causes the change. Jesus got beaten and stabbed and left to die. Gandhi and King were beaten and jailed. Peaceful resistance only works when the collective conscience of the bystanders kicks in and makes them see the horror of the world around them. No amount of hand-holding and singing has ever changed anything. I mean, I think we’re all in agreeance that violence is not preferable, but change comes through pain, right? And further, it seems we’re in for a great deal of change, because there looks to be a whole lot of pain on the horizon. So we need to get together and stop with the violence and find the love. You know? The best thing I’ve ever heard? Rap artists are uniting to create a song against war. Interesting. I think Hank Williams should write a song against alcohol. Kid Rock should write a song promoting abstinence. Why not? These crazy times. It’s very late and I’m tired, and I’m trying to sound as Hollywood as possible here. Plus, the Oscars are setting up about half a mile from my apartment, and traffic sucks because of it, and frankly, I’m thinking I should buy some rotten tomatoes to chuck at the red carpet. Except, there is extreme security in the whole area. I mean, thank God. The knowledge that Joan Rivers is safe in these troubled times to critique people’s fashion… phew. God Bless America.

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