Another huge gap… Here’s what’s new…

I’m getting ready to move (again), which is fun and not fun. Bigger place, but it also means that I have literally moved to a new place once a year since 1994. Jeez.

On a really cool note, I must give massive thanks to my girlfriend Aleks, for the coolest birthday present. EVER! Starting in January, I will be attending pro wrestling school for about a month. Which means this journal should start getting really wacky soon, if I’m not too bruised to write. Hopefully my kickboxing lessons will get me prepared.

Yeah, you all just wish you could be a luchador.

Y yo, yo soy un luchador!

I think that means I’m a wrestler, but I’m not sure.

Anyway… I will be exhausted for a long time… but what else is new?

Do not see Gothika. See Bad Santa.

That’s it.

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