Here I am, in my new Bungalow, located just a block away from Paramount studios, where all of the action happens… and I don’t get any of it because I’m working 12 and 14 hour days in an office job… I must find a way to get into those studios. On a positive note, things are winding down on book number 2. It would be nice if I could sell either book number 1 or 2. We’ll see.

More reasons to hate the media:

600 soldiers found Saddam Hussein in a hole in the ground. Now, the media is singing the praises of George W. “See? He was right all along! He found Saddam!”

Well, I think it’s great that Saddam is caught, and I hope he pays several times over for all of his nastiness. BUT… what has been solved? Troops are still dying, no WMDs have been found. Osama (a much bigger threat) is still active, and worst of all, mainstream America will probably see this capture as a reason to re-elect Bush.

Vote for Dean, damn you all!

Christmas is almost here, and I’ve got a hectic schedule to plan. Plus, I have to beef up for wrestling, and find a mask or a gimmick of some kind. If I was a web genius, I would have a poll page where people could throw around some ideas… but I suck at web design, as the month and a half delay in relaunch will attest.

As always, stay tuned…

…and thanks for reading, Dad! (Now go read Al Franken’s book! It’s good for you!)

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