Oh, I know, another blog…

But I can’t help it. The more I read about the reaction of conservatives to the Iraqi prison torture, the angrier I get. These seem to be the most frequent “comeback” gems from the right:

1. Where was the outrage when our guys got killed?

2. Islam is evil

3. Sure it was bad, but we do more for their countries than their leaders do.

4. Muslims are bad.

5. The media is blowing this out of proportion and giving ammunition to Anti-American forces.

Where to begin…

1. I am outraged at the murder of American civilians. I was (and still am) outraged at the lies of Clinton. I am outraged he stood by and basically did nothing when the USS Cole was attacked. I am outraged that President Bush the first, Ronald Reagan, Cheney, Georgey Jr. etc CREATED the Taliban, armed Saddam Hussein, removed democratically elected (but administration unfriendly) leaders and replaced them with cruel despots and basically stuck us in the muckhole we’re in. However, NONE of that gives us the right to act like hooligans. We have to set the example. When you’re at the top of the mountain, you can either strut around and throw rocks at those coming up, or you can offer them encouragement and show them how to climb higher.

2. Do not equate fear of another culture with that culture being evil.

3. We have to be better. Resting on your laurels is not an option.

4. So is Pat Robertson.

5. Anyone can claim media bias, either right or left. But what are you going to tell me, these photos are taken out of context?


You know, conservatives got angry with what Bill Clinton did in the oval office (me too). So why are they tolerating dick and Bush in the office now? It ain’t right.

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