I just got to thinking, I haven’t made any movie/book/album recommendations lately.

And I know you live and die for them.

So I say to you, “I’m rockin’ on Steve Burns.” Yeah, THAT Steve Burns. Blue’s Clues Steve Burns. I think a writer’s best friend could be Steve’s fantastic “songs for dustmites” followed by the Flaming Lips’ “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”. Simply amazing. Although it would have been quite cool to hear Blue give a “Bah-BAHR!!!” in the background. Plus, Steve Burns looks EXACTLY like my friend Joe Capps. Or does Joe look like Steve? Perhaps I’ll find photos of the two to post here for comparison…

Anyway, Is there a word for this kind of music? It’s not Emo. It’s not alt.rock, but Lordy I miss my alt.rock. And I miss my rock, too. Perhaps Velvet Revolver could change all of this…


The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson – Fun, Murder, Murder, fun and more Murder at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The fair that introduced America to Shredded Wheat, Pabst Blue Ribbon, the Ferris Wheel, and the vicious serial killer.

Join Me! by Danny Wallace — READ IT! JOIN DANNY! Because as the song says, “You gotta join…join Danny!” He’s British! He’s hilarious! He’s started a cult that nobody would be ashamed to join! (I’m having my passport photo taken this weekend!) You’ll see– it’s easy, it’s fun, it’s an idea I wish I would have thought of… maybe I can be vice-general of the California branch of the Karma Army. Here, look at this and understand. JOIN DANNY! – It’s not a cult, it’s a collective!

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