Ronald Reagan…

So, here we are on day 5 of the beatification and ascension of the Great Communicator. Ronaldus Magnus, as Rush Limbaugh would call him…

Which makes me wonder why people take Rush Limbaugh seriously at all. Is he implying Reagan was the head of some world-spanning empire, the leader of a conquering army bent on dominating… oh, wait. I guess Rush has a point there.

What I hear most is “He made me smile” or ‘I liked him, he was friendly”. Which makes me realize where his real power was. He was an actor, plain and simple. Did he HELP a lot of good things happen during his tenure (ie – The fall of the Berlin Wall, etc.)? Sure. Did he DO them single-handedly? No way. Gorbachev helped, the bankrupting of Russia helped (although Ronnie may have had something to do with that), Chernobyl helped…Arming Afghani insurgents helped, and boy are we glad he did that! Helping Iraq defeat the tyranny (pronounced TIErunny according to our current leader)of the Ayatollah by arming and supporting Saddam Hussein.

Hey, if you like or dislike the state of America today, you know where to start looking.

He gave us Race-based politics, the politics of fearing your neighbor, fearing the unseen enemy, fearing your own shadow, which could be burned onto a wall in a surprise Nuclear (Nuculer, thank you GW) attack from the Evil Empire.

Don’t get me wrong, there are political problems today that can be traced back hundreds of years through may administrations and political parties, both dead and thriving. But can we call off Reagan’s ascension to sainthood? Please?

Uh… I’m sorry I’ve been so political lately. But when I see Democrats and republicans throwing away our money, spending more time and effort trying to make the public think they are doing things rather than actually doing them, and I see that 1/4th of my paycheck goes to support this, I get angry. You should too.


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  1. Beware least you be known only for your lessor deeds than what you aspire to. Reagan was no superhuman, nor is he available for sainthood. Just a man who was fortunate enough to have been present when good things happened as well as some not so good things (Iran-Contra)! As for Rush, to do a poor Reagan “Welllll…. just consider the source.”

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