Aside from my kid being born, this is the greatest night of my life. So sayeth Rocky Balboa, so echo I. San Diego Comic Con. I knew there was a reason I moved to Los Angeles. For that one chance every year to be part of something that is not quite rock concert, not quite renaissance faire, not quite geeky, and not quite cool. Or perhaps it’s the fact that it is 100% geeky and 100% cool. Anyway, a write up is coming soon, with pictures, and ye shall all be suitably impressed at the celebrities I saw there. Well, some were pseudo celebrities, and some were dressed like celebrities, and there was one pimp who may have thought he was at the erotica expo. I’m not sure. I got a monkey print and an original monkey sketch from Ken Knudtsen, creator of the wonderful My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer. SO THERE! Keep your eyes peeled!

In other news… contests have been entered and letters sent out. So if you’ve been wishing me luck, please wish harder.

That is all.

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