The Move is Over… Long Live the Move.

Yes, the new office is shaping up quite nicely. Now, this weekend, I’m helping another friend move, and in a month, I’ll be moving my fiancee. I am the Sisyphus of the furniture world. I’m surprised I could make such a quip in my current state of tiredness. I’m even more surprised I just used a word like quip. Sounds dirty. Quip.

Anyway, I’m slowly getting my life back, getting my bills paid, and trying to enjoy the few free minutes I have each week. By the end of the month, I will have submitted We Can Reschedule to a short story competition, and should have Hit and Run off to a few more publishers/agents. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

And go see Shaun of the Dead! It’s been a while since I’ve see a movie that I feel I have to insist people go watch. Them Brits is funny.

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