Where on Earth did all of these heavy things come from?

So, I’m still in the process of lifting heavy things, but this time for a good cause. I helped my fiancee move cross country, and in the meanwhile many things happened, mostly good. Such as:

1. My fiancee lives in the same city with me now! (Wheeee!)

2. I got to eat at Twin Dragon for the first time in several YEARS. (GREAT!)

3. I drove across the country, but seem to have done all of the good parts in the dark. (Indifference)

4. I’ve gotten a few more rejection letters from agents. (Not good, but a learning experience)

5. George W. Bush got re-elected. (We’ll see. But I’m thinking, not good)

6. I’ve learned that my apartment, although seeming clean to me, was actually quite dirty. (Good?)

7. I got an autographed Cerebus Comic Book. (So there!)

8. I got another parking ticket. (KILL)

9. I’m almost ready to begin a new book, and possibly a screenplay! (ooooo)

10. I inserted this to make the list reach ten. (TEN!)

So that’s been me lately. More to come.

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  1. Seems like I cold have at least made number 10 (okay maybe I don’t rate that high.) Taz does right? Was I one of the the parts you drove by in the dark? I do agree I want to see what dubbaya does with the next four years. Recall al lthe reading ou did growning up and at college… I would have thought parking signs & meters would qualify as mandatory reading, but again it may be just me!

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