Settling in…

I got two wonderful packages in the mail this week. One was a birthday box from my parents, whom I was very pleased and happy and ecstatic to visit in Wyoming on my trip cross country (thank you very much, so there.) and the other was from my favoritest author in the world, Chuck Palahniuk. How cool is this. Chuck is famous. I mean, borderline Stephen King famous. He used to answer fan mail all of the time, but now only opens his mailbag a few times per year. So I wrote him, thinking, maybe I’ll get a letter back. I got a box containing a ton of cool stuff. An autographed book, and a whole bunch more! COOL! It’s amazing to see someone who is probably as busy as all get out do something this nice for his fans. I’ve been to his readings before, and I know Chuck likes to go the extra mile, but I can only imagine that he’s doing this for thousands of people. Wow. (If you email me, I’ll tell you everything I got. It seems tawdry to post it here).

So now, I am going to bed and I will wake up tomorrow one year older, ready to fight the holiday crowds and to go to the zoo! MONKEYS!

I have to say that the end of this week has been so much better than the beginning, which was probably the most soul-crushing time I’ve had in a while. (I worked a 40+ hour work week. In three days.)

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