I need to find more time.
I’ve done a lot of reading and movie watching lately, both new things and late model releases, and I really should get around to posting reviews, seeing as how I went to the trouble of making pages for such things. For instance, I want to talk about Hotel Rwanda, Garden State, House of Flying Daggers, Sideways, Napoleon Dynamite, and Moulin Rouge. I want to discuss Vince Foster’s A Chimp in the Family, CS Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, and some short stories. I think you should know about albums by Green Day, Aimee Mann, and Mazzy Star. Unfortunately, I am also trying to finish a screenplay and another book, and awaiting word form an agent about a book, and working long hours, and listen to me whine!

Los Angeles is beginning to feel a lot like Seattle. I should feel comforted listening to the rain pound on my roof and windows, but it’s an alien sensation here. It has rained more in the past month than in the entire two years I’ve been here. Mudslides and bad traffic are only a few of the side effects. We should have beach weather soon.

Well. Anyway. The reviews are coming. I just have to finish apartment hunting, etc. Stay tuned. Perhaps instead of renting an apartment, I should gather the animals two by two and prepare an ark. LA is due for a good scrubbing anyway.

As Bree Sharp sang in “Guttermouth“:

City life is hard to cope
with sleazy gropers pushing dope
Sometimes survivals only hope’s
A mouth that needs a wash with soap
And water couldn’t clean this town
The sewers run above the ground
The streets are like a lost and found
With vagabonds who spews sounds from the gutter…

Which reminds me, I should post reviews of Bree Sharp too.
As Napoleon would say,

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