Just when you think everything is going fine…
I did my civic duty! I was a juror in an armed robbery trial. Now that my court-mandated gag-order is released, I shall tell all on my blog! SOON (Keep an eye on the Lost Angeles section. Go there now!) Here’s a teaser:

Imagine the intrigue of NBC’s Law & Order. Throw in a dash of mystery a la CSI. Add a dash of gritty street detectives from NYPD Blue. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Well, this trial wasn’t anything like that. It was cold in the courtroom. The attorneys weren’t very exciting (the prosecutor kind of poo-poo’d all of the above mentioned shows — say… new blog topic. What is the correct spelling of the past tense of poo-poo?).

Anyway, I served three days and made $45 plus mileage. Theres a good story to tell in there somewhere.

I’m getting sick of Los Angeles.

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